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May 9, 2012
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Apr 16, 2013

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Welcome to the Global Travel Alliance SA hub website. Global Travel Alliance SA is a membership based supplier of discounted travel and accommodation. We provide our valued members with access to our worldwide inventories of accommodation, as well as our expertise in the vacation industry. As a result of these initiatives, GTASA - Global Travel Alliance Saour members are now served by the most advanced, user-friendly reservation request and customer support systems in the industry.Global Travel Alliance SA – About

The Global Travel Alliance Brand consists of Global Travel Alliance SA, Global Travel Finance SA and Global Travel Lifestyle SA. The brand is split up into 3 dynamics. Travel and Accommodation, Travel Financing and Travel Lifestyle.

Global Travel Alliance SA:
Our commitment to superior service, integrity and attractive prices are the cornerstones on which we have built our growth and success. Global Travel Alliance SA boasts a membership of 14,000 principle members and in excess of 56,000 family members.

Access to quality accommodation around the globe, cruises, flights, car hire and an assortment of travel services including visas, transfers, travel insurance and personal guides are some of the benefits that our members enjoy.
GTASA - Global Travel

Global Travel Finance SA:
For a number of years now Global Travel Alliance SA has evolved and so have our products and service offerings. We pride ourselves on being ‘first to market’ with the value that our members deserve.
In our search for products and services that best suit our members and their personal and specific needs we have turned to them for answers.

As a result our members have access to the wealth of valued added services offered under our Global Travel Lifestyle programme.

Our members can do what they do best and that is enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime holidays and create memories etched in time  whilst safe in the assured knowledge that they are covered by the terms and conditions of their Credit Protection Policy offered by our Global Travel Finance programme.
Global Travel Finance - GTASA

Global Travel Lifestyle SA:
We offer our members travel lifestyle needs like Emergency Medical Assist, Legal Assist, AA Roadside Assist and Trauma & Assault. These are just some of the great benifiets of being a GTASA member.
Global Travel Lifestyle - GTASA

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