GTASA Gives the boys in blue a break

Colonel May-Louise Dyers, station commander of the Mowbray Police Station recently surprised two officers at station with the news that they have been selected as winners of a holiday sponsored by Global Travel Alliance SA.
“Officers at the station are very excited to be able to go on holiday,” she says The Mowbray – based travel company, along with Colonel Dyers, thought it would be a great idea to reward officers with a holiday.

GTASA rewards SAPS

Carlos Pinho, public relations manager for the travel firm, says as a travel and tourism company they make other people’s dreams come true on a daily basis and they help them create special memories.

“We felt the brave police officers at Mowbary Police Station deserved their chance to create memories etched in time,”

“As well as a well-earned break from the often difficult and dangerous jobs they have to perform each day just to keep us as a community safe, we felt it important to give them some well-earned rest and relaxation.”

Constable Michael Mamuthamani and Constable Melikhaya Mqatazana each were rewarded with a midweek break and free accommodation at Jacobs Bay Backpackers for them and a partner.

“Our worthy winners are well deserved and we want to thank not only them, but all of the officers and management at Mowbray police who live and creed “People first “each and every day,” says Pinto.


Global Travel Alliance SA - SAPS

Melikhaya Mqatazana (Left) Michael Mamathumani (Right)

Mamuthamani says he has wanted to be a police officer from a young age.

“I wanted to be able to bring change and make a difference to my community to know I did something good”

He is excited to be able to spend a holiday with his wife during December, he says.

“I got married recently so this is an extra special gift, as it will be our first holiday as a married couple.”

Mamuthamani highlights the fact that for police officers taking a holiday during Christmas and Easter is usually out of the question.

“Being recognized by my colleagues and the community show’s I’m not just wasting my time, but people actually appreciate it. That makes me feel good.”

Mqatazna says, although it feels good being recognized, the job also requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. “It is very important to have a break,”says Mqatazana. He also says it will be nice to be able to relax with his wife as they haven’t gone away together on holiday in over four years time.

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