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Jun 7, 2013
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Jun 11, 2013

Help save the Rhino – Global Travel alliance SA

Save the Rhino - Global Travel Alliance SA

Society is slowly forgetting our interdependence with nature – Rhino and Elephant culling by the masses is just one example of this detachment. It does not matter how many rhino horns are sold, us humans have become greedySave the Rhino - GTASA and there will always be a want for more. There will never be enough rhino horn, enough wealth and enough pleasure. Luckily there are a few names that come up when I think of selflessness – Steve Newman aka Rhino Guy is one of those. Steve has taken on his own Save the Rhino campaign – Read more here.
Here are some facts and figures on the rhino population across the world and on the highly profitable rhino horn trade.

  • There are fewer than 29,000 rhinos surviving in the wild across Africa and Asia.
  • Rhinos have suffered a 90% decline in population since 1970
  • Adult rhino horn weighs at least 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds)
  • A poacher makes £8,000 per kilogram
  • When the handler sells it on, the price can increase 10-fold to about £80,000 per kilogram.
  • An adult horn can be worth up to £800,000.

Despite the fact that these numbers are a slight increase from past years; emerging interest and costs for rhinoceros horns are driving poaching levels up. Different methods are employed to attempt and avoid rhino’s from falling prey to these poachers yet the butcher and damaging of this endangered species proceeds unabated. Dehorning is a considerable task yet this does not appear to discourage the poachers. The rhinos bear a certain degree of anxiety in the dehorning activity and once their horn has been removed, they no longer have that defence tool.

Save the Rhino - Global Travel Alliance SA
All thought Rhinos are big and bulky they too need to be protected from harm and poachers. Society needs to get more involved with Campaign’s like Steve Newman’s and others such as Rage and “Save The Rhino”.
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