Nelson Mandela Wall Art Tributes – GTASA

It’s been an emotional time for a lot of South Africans. The world’s media is on Nelson Mandela watch, with the press hounding the doors of the Pretoria hospital where our beloved Nelson Mandela is in a critical condition.
We are all praying, some of us for him to stay with us because it’s so hard for us to let go of the man that has changed the lives of all South Africans. Madiba gave us so much of his life, the best we can do for him for now is honour his legacy and let him go.

The love and respect for Nelson Mandela stretches worldwide. GTASA found a couple of pieces of Street Art from around South Africa and abroad that will keep the Nelson Mandela spirit alive for years and years to come!

 Global Travel Alliance SA - Nelson Mandela

Happy Madiba - Global Travel Alliance SA

Mandela - Global Travel Alliance SA  Nelson Mandela - Global Travel Alliance SA

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