Testimonial: Laylah Van Niekerk

Testimonial: Layla Van Niekerk
Sep 10, 2015
Testimonial: Lindie Van Rensburg
Sep 10, 2015

Testimonial: Laylah Van Niekerk

Dear Laylah

I would like for you to pass this e-mail on to your relevant managers and supervisors please.

I would like to inform them that I have no words describing my gratitude for your excellent service.  First of all you helped me find accommodation for the Argus when a lot of places were already full.  Not only did I get it, but at such a huge discount as well.  Then we had to make the difficult decision in not coming down from Gauteng because of the shortened route, and still, you went the extra mile in arranging the transfer of the accommodation to another date.  You tried your best to keep me, the customer, satisfied and happy.  You have put yourself in my shoes, being disappointed in not being able to participate in my first Argus, and you managed to secure the same accommodation, at the same rate, for the same amount of people, just later this year.

I can’t recall when last I received such service.  In a country where everyone is on strike or complaining about bad service delivery, I feel like the most blessed person in this nation.  I had outstanding service.  I will always make use of you for future bookings.

I hope that your company realises the worth you have.

Thank you so so much for making my day yesterday!  I appreciate you.


Maritza Visser

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