The Okavango Explorer Walking Trails

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Feb 18, 2016
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The Okavango Explorer Walking Trails

The Okavango Explorer Walking Trails

This wonderful safari experience is located in Okavango Delta, Botswana. This stunning wilderness offers a 2 night legitimate walking trail participation. This is a location for nature lovers.

There will be a guide that will walk you through this safari and teach you about the habitats of the astonishing Okavango Delta that you will pass by, on your adventure. There will be time to watch the game viewing and the birds.
You will get the opportunity to touch, smell and feel a sense of nature.
This safari walking experience takes 3 days:

Day 1:
When you visit this safari you will be introduced to a guide who will mentor you for the three days, the first stop is Chitabe Camp.
The Chitabe area has a great collection of dry acacia and mopane woodland, waterways and marshlands, riverine areas, open grasslands habitats, and seasonally flooded plains. This is a game viewing area – there aren’t no water activities here.
You also participate in nature walks to observe the wildlife and its natural beauty.

Day 2 and 3:
Every day you walk at a reasonable pace so that you can view the scenery around you. You will love the broad variety of wildlife found in the Chitabe area which includes, elephant, lion hippo, leopard, buffalo reedbuck, lechwe, impala, and zebra.

Day 4:
After having a good meal for breakfast and a quick interesting activity, you will be sent back to the Chitabe airstrip for your onward connection.

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