Rizqah Petersen

Jul 11, 2016

Hawaii’s WEIRD beaches/ out of this world!

Black Beach This other-worldly beach was created from lava flowing into the ocean. When the basalt reaches and settles at the surface, these gorgeous, unusual and […]
Jun 21, 2016

Top 5 foods you must try out in Greece/ Give your taste buds an experience

Souvlaki (Skewer) This means anything grilled on a skewer (Chicken and lamb etc.). These are great for kids Kebab A kebab is an elongated piece of […]
Jun 20, 2016
5 - must-see places

5 must-see places in Mauritius/ Inspiring locations

La roche qui pleure /Le Souffleur Experience huge waves crashing against the volcanic cliffs. Wonderful views as you walk to the cliffs which is an amazing […]
Jun 15, 2016
Khan Tok Dinner

3 Best Thai Restaurants in Phuket/ Give your taste buds some happiness

1. One Chun Restaurant This restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine with a preference for southern dishes at low prices in the chilled and relaxed atmosphere of […]