Aug 25, 2016

Why travel to Spain?

Planning to travel to Spain? Spain definitely has something for each and every one! Including a fascinating art, music, beaches, mountains, history, sporting activities and OF […]
Aug 23, 2016

5 Benefits of travelling solo/ Leaving your comfort zone

Travelling solo can boost your confidence level by learning how to navigate in a strange city, build a campfire, learn a language and much more. Over-coming […]
Aug 19, 2016

Natural Scenery/ Bucket list

Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve is located in the drier western side of Madagascar and supports a quite distinct fauna and flora in a dramatic karst landscape. […]
Aug 17, 2016

Interesting facts about travel

Travelling is a great stress reliever. Travelling can improve your creativity. Travel is known to help with problem-solving. (especially I you’re travelling alone) The most visited […]