How do you ‘go green’? It seems that just about everyone is doing it, from the local coffee shop down the road to large multinational companies around the world. But what exactly does it mean to ‘go green’, what are the benefits, and how can you get involved?

Over recent years, more and more people have become aware of global warming and the damaging effects of climate change. Along with this, the world faces a mounting pollution crisis, leading to a worrying loss of biodiversity. Essentially, people are harming the earth more quickly than it can be healed. To address this issue, people and companies are opting to go green – that is, to practice sustainable ways of living and working to enable them to exist more gently on the planet.
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The good news is that going green is easy, affordable, and will actually save you money. Being eco-savvy doesn’t mean you have to buy a hybrid car – you could simply hop onto your bicycle, grow a herb garden or start recycling. These things cost you nothing but are incredibly beneficial to the environment. In fact, going green is so easy that just about anyone can do it – and they are. Check out the tips opposite to join the green movement, and you too could help preserve the planet while saving some pennies.

Oasis-Association-Global-Travel-Alliance-SAGlobal Travel Alliance SA recycles for good
Global Travel Alliance South Africa is committed to sustainable environmental practices in the workplace. As such, we contribute to a recycling programme run by Oasis Association, an organisation that provides services and support to people with intellectual disabilities. By participating in this worthy recycling initiative, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint while contributing to the lives of people living with disabilities.

Global Travel Alliance SA GO GREEN TIPS

Lets look at how we can prevent further damage to our environment by GOING GREEN:

Hang Clothes Outside to Dry – Get a clothes line or a rack dryer. Your clothes will last longer and save money

Use Both Sides of Paper -If you have a printer with a double sided print option use it. You will save half of the amount of paper you would have normally used. Then when you’re done bring it to the recycle bin.

Go-Green-Global-Travel-Alliance-SAUse Warm or Cold Setting on Washer – Wash using the warm or cold setting. This will save energy.

Get rid of junk mail – There are many services that can help you get rid of junk mail. That will lead to a lot less trees being cut down to take up room in your mailbox.

Use Matches instead of lighters – Use cardboard matches which are much more eco-friendly

Don’t get a paper phone book – Instead of getting a paper phone book use an online directory instead.

Stop paper bank statements – Why waste paper getting your bank statement mailed to you when you can just check it out online.

These simple tips can help protect our Ozone, to make sure our children will be safe whilst playing in the gorgeous African Sun!

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