Top 5 Travel Photos by Global Travel Alliance SA

When one travels, the 1st thing one does is take photos of all the places you get to see. But what do you actually do with all the photos you have taken?
I thought it would be great to showcase some of the photos I have seen while browsing the internet. I thought this blog post could serve as a bit of  inspiring imagery for those of you that are looking some great travel ideas.
So this is the Global Travel Alliance SA list of top 5 travel photos to help inspire your next holiday.

Greenmarket Square Cape Town - Global Travel Alliance SA

Greenmarket Square – Cape Town

Grand Canyon National Park - Global Travel Alliance SA

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

Victoria Falls - Global Travel Alliance SA

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Tropical Huts - Global Travel Alliance SA

Tropical Huts

Egyptian pyramids - Global Travel Alliance SA

Egyptian pyramids – Egypt

I thought it would also be clever to include some photographic tips for those that wish to try their hand at a bit of travel photography.

Choose a photo-friendly travel spot – Global Travel Alliance SA

Some places are just more photo-genic than others. Google Images would be your best friends here. Browse our GTASA website to find affordable destinations then use Google Images for that destination to see what photo opportunities pop up in the browser.

Quality photos take time – Global Travel Alliance SA

Allow yourself plenty of extra time to find the perfect position for the photo. You might need to walk around a tourist attraction or climb a hill to get the perfect spot. Get up slightly earlier in the morning to get a clear shot at a popular tourist attraction.

Find a local – Global Travel Alliance SA

A good photographer can get great shots even in a location that he ore she is unfamiliar with. You will produce better photos if you get to know the local area and the local people in the area you are taking your photos.

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