Packing Your Suitcase efficiently – GTASA Tips

A couple weeks back an international publication asked flight attendants how they manage to pack over 40 garments in one suitcase, and it all boils down to one trick: roll your clothes to save space and avoid wrinkles.

We thought we would give it a go and give you our feedback.

Packed Suitcase - Global Travel Alliance SA

Packing Your Suitcase efficiently – GTASA Tips

One important note is that you should sets those rolls aside rather than packing them as soon as you’ve created them. First put your shoes in the carry-on bag and then start adding the heavier layers of rolled clothing. Then continue adding clothing in order of heaviest to lightest. For example, pants go in first because they’re heavier and larger, then followed by lighter shirts and then topped with undergarments. This order makes it easier for the items to compress when the suitcase closes. Toiletries and other items then go on top as the toiletry bag often contains liquids and needs to be removed quickly for security screenings.

Packing your suitcase, using other methods, results in an un-closable suitcase- try it out for yourself next time.
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