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If you and your family enjoy holidaying, there is a very good chance you have seen some pretty amazing sights, to which no photograph can ever do justice so you resign yourself to committing it to memory.

We at GTASA are not saying you should leave your camera at home when you travel. Rather, we are advocating incorporating other ways to create travel memories that don’t involve Instagram or tripods. Read on for creative ways to preserve “unforgettable” sights or locales.
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Write it down
Even if writing isn’t something you’re particularly good at, that shouldn’t stop you from trying (not everything needs to be posted to a blog or social media). Whether you scribble in a journal or email the folks back home, the objective is to get your memories written down, without trying too hard.

I strongly recommend writing longhand, as it’s more expedient, practical and, for lack of a better word, organic. So no texting, tablets, netbook or other device. Just you, a pen and a diary or sheet of paper. Think about sights, smells, sounds, textures and colours. Whether or not your end result is a list, paragraph or story, you’ll have something that captures a memorable moment from your trip. Not only does this exercise improve your writing skills (which, after all, are crucial in daily life); it helps sharpen your memory and senses, as well.

Verbalize it
OK, I know we hinted at ditching the devices, but many people are articulate. If you’re known for being a great storyteller, record memorable experiences soon after they occur. Whether it’s a mishap, linguistic misunderstanding, touching cultural exchange or incredible meal, recount it in rich detail, as you’d tell it to your best friend, spouse or kids.

GTASA - Global Travel Alliance SaScrapbook your memories
Some of us enjoy collect postcards from our favourite destinations, as well as items like ticket stubs, peeled-off cold drink labels, antique shop items and cultural or religious iconography. As long as it reminds us of a great travel experience, you should keep them. Some of these objects can be added to the scrapbook or added in a photo album or stuck to a refrigerator with magnets.

Hang it up
This requires a bit more effort and wall space than collecting shells. But even with a nearly non-existent budget, you can bring home a piece of art as a permanent reminder of a great trip. While travel itself may not come cheap, memories are often free. The GTASA team encourage you, on your next trip, to put down your camera once in a while, and rely on your senses. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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