What is National Heritage Day?

Not many people understand the real connotation of or meaning behind National Heritage Day which is celebrated annually on 24 September. For some, it is an opportunity to simply get together with family and friends for a braai and a bit of a social gathering, but do they take into account the multiplicity of cultures that make up our “rainbow nation” what it is today?
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What is Heritage Day?

Heritage Day is a national holiday where all South Africans celebrate their cultural heritage and embrace their diverse traditions and values that contribute to our “rainbow nation”.

On this day we celebrate the cultural diversity of our beautifully rich country.
Heritage day means celebrating cultural diversity since we have different cultures in Africa, different traditional beliefs, music, dance, food and attire. This day means a lot to us as South Africans and to the new generation because we can learn more about our cultures.

How are you going to be spending your Heritage Day on the 24th of September?

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