Ken Tweedie – GTASA

Ken Tweedie is seldom desk bound; he’s out and about speaking to people, discovering exciting travel opportunities for our clients and indulging in many of the holiday experiences we promote. Even in the office this bundle of energy is never still – he is constantly sharing travel tips with the staff, testing their knowledge and listening carefully to the way they interact with their clients.

Ken is passionate about the Travel Industry, mainly he admits, because it’s all about having fun. Its heady stuff knowing you have played a role when clients travel for enjoyment!  Ken recently played a role in making the reservations for a client who celebrated his wife’s 40th birthday by flying guest’s to a party in Zimbabwe.

Ken enjoys himself as much as his clients do and his bags are always packed and ready for his next jaunt to an exciting destination. Ken visited Victoria Falls and completed a bungee jump and to top it all off, completed a microlite flip over the Victoria Falls. Ken is passionate about wildlife and recently raised in excess of R17000 by doing a parachute jump in support of the anti-rhino poaching campaign.
Ken Tweedie - Global Travel Alliance SA

Ken was born in Northern Ireland but South Africa is his home. Travel has always been part of his life and he states that the travel bug bit early when, as a boy scout, he went on camping trips. He says that South Africa is a vast kaleidoscope of colour, diversity, spectacular scenery, marvellous weather and a great open air lifestyle.

For many years Ken worked his way up the corporate ladder with Avis Rent a Car. As the International Sales Manager, he was given the opportunity to travel extensively, not only promoting the company but also selling South Africa as a holiday destination.

Years of travel education has given Ken the edge when it comes to understanding Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will! He is aware of where glitches are likely to occur and passes on insider information to staff, training them to prepare for the unexpected. Clients have learned to appreciate this and although the Internet has become a major influence in people’s lives, an experienced travel professional will always add value to the client.

Travel is about more than just tickets and exotic destinations – it’s about the people that make it happen and people like Ken, with a passion for the industry, will always ensure the experience is something worth waiting for!

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