Best Time to go on Safaris in South Africa

The best time to go on safari in the Kruger National Park area is during the dry season, from May – November. This is winter when the temperatures can get a little chilly, but you won’t burn in the sun on your morning drives. Most importantly, the wildlife congregates around waterholes and the grass is shorter. These are all factors that make it easier to spot wildlife. The dry season also means fewer mosquitoes, so there’s less chance of catching malaria. If you are planning to camp, you should avoid the peak of summer from October – April. But if you like to see little ones, many young are born around November – December when the bush is lush and there’s plenty to eat.
Safaris in South Africa - Kruger

If you are planning a safari in other parts of South Africa, check the weather for the time of year. Safaris in general are better when its dry, for the reasons mentioned above. If you want to avoid malaria completely, there are some excellent malaria-free safari options in South Africa. If you wish to go on safari while visiting Cape Town, the best time to visit would be in the drier summer months from November to March (the opposite to Kruger).

Safaris in South Africa

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