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France – Paris


Paris is described as being one of the most beautiful Cities in the world. This City is the capital and most attractive City of France.

The setup of this City is exceptionally well thought out. This location has sidewalks that invite you to walk through the City with the opportunity to view this stunning area. There’s a limited amount of vehicles in this City because it will defeat the purpose of the beauty in the Cityscape, although cars are not seen as unattractive, they may roam around but without allowing them to own the road.

How to get around in this divine City?

Paris has every form of transportation you can get. So this City is ready for anyone to explore and gain knowledge on this Cities history as well. This location was built for the purpose of walking, so there’s many ways in which an individual/group can get around.

The Cities Icon

The Eiffel Tower is the most popular tourist attraction in Paris. Its structure is significant, which involves a broader background of history of this this City, and there are many more interesting icons as well.

The Cities style

Paris provides many Shopping Centres that are recognised as being popular and most fashionable around the globe. Paris remains at the forefront of international trends, and browsing emerging and established designer boutiques and many more.


Paris is known for its ‘fine dining’, this City provides plentiful glorious restaurant’s. Here are some of the lovely restaurant’s they have to offer: Le Grand Véfour, La Tour de Montlhéry-Chez Denise,  Restaurant Le Meurice, Frenchie, Breizh Café, La Brasserie de l’Isle Saint Louis, Semilla and many more.


“Greater Paris (the city plus surrounding departments) received 22,4 million visitors in 2014, making it one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The largest numbers of foreign tourists in 2014 came from the United States (2.74 million), the U.K., Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and China (532,000). Arrivals from the U.K, Germany, Russia and Japan dropped from 2013, while arrivals from the Near and Middle East grew by twenty percent. [176]


In 2014, visitors to Paris spent $17 billion (€13.58 billion), the third-highest sum globally after London and New York.[177] In 2012, according to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, 263,212 salaried workers in the city of Paris, or 18.4 percent of the total number, were engaged in tourism-related sectors: hotels, catering, transport and leisure.” –

Paris is an inspirational City, many people love it because of its intimacy.

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