Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Sonnenaufgang bei der Spitzkoppe
Spitzkoppe – Namibia
Feb 18, 2016
Tsitsikamma National Park
Feb 19, 2016

Central Kalahari Game Reserve


This game reserves has a lot to offer in the form of safari lodges, camping, gaming and vast deserts.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the ultimate in ‘remote’ safari destinations. It covers over 50,000km², most of which is inaccessible. It was, until very recently, closed to the public, although there have always been small groups of Bushmen living in the reserve. Even now, this region is seen by only a handful of visitors every year.

The best-known account of the area was the haunting book, Cry of the Kalahari, written by American biologists Mark and Delia Owens about their research in Deception Valley.

The Central Kalahari is probably at its most enticing when travel there is most difficult: in the first few months of the year. At this time, the beautiful inter-dune valleys become lush with vegetation, attracting thousands of springbok and gemsbok. You’ll also find good numbers of ostrich and giraffe, herds of wildebeest, excellent cheetah and the Kalahari’s famous black-maned lions. Leopard and brown hyena are common residents too, though very rarely seen.

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