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Feb 19, 2016
Nxai Pan
Feb 19, 2016

Kimberley /The Big Hole

Big Hole

This tourist attraction has an amazing history of how this big hole came about. About 150 years ago, the site of the Big Hole was nothing but a flat-topped hill. When word spread that diamonds had been discovered, thousands of prospectors, armed with nothing more than picks, shovels and hope, descended on Kimberley and created the largest hand-dug excavation in the world.

The Old Town brings the New Rush era to life the desperate and the determined flocked to the town to make an effort by seeking their fortunes in Kimberley.
De Beers has been mining in Kimberley for more than 120 years. The recent closure of underground operations at Kimberley Mines marked the end of underground mining in Kimberley. De Beers’ presence in Kimberley continues, however, in the processing of the tailings resources through the multi million rand Combined Treatment Plant, as well as the Big Hole Project, an original and interesting way for De Beers to invest in tourism activities, ultimately supporting the communities that surround Kimberley Mines.

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