Top 5 foods you must try out in Greece/ Give your taste buds an experience

Souvlaki (Skewer)

This means anything grilled on a skewer (Chicken and lamb etc.). These are great for kids


A kebab is an elongated piece of meat, similar to a burger patty. It’s made from mince and squished together into a sausage-look-alike. A good kebab will pack a lot more flavour than you may expect.


This is made from local cheese made in to mouth-watering cheese balls

Feta Me Meli

Want a party in your mouth? This delicious feta wrapped in filo pastry oven baked and then drizzled with honey will give your taste buds a wonderful experience

 Glyka Tou Koutaliou (spoon sweets)

This may sound strange, yogurt and carrot marmalade? But this is extremely tasty

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