• Discuss the trip beforehand with your partnerTo avoid arguments when arriving at your destination, discuss plans that you guys have in mind and come to an agreement of what activities you’ll participate in.
  • Give each other some alone time Being around your partner 24/7 is bound to be a strain at some point. Even If you leave your partner in the hotel room while you take a walk to a near shop. Anything will do as long as a few minutes of space is taken.
  • Compromise Enjoy your holiday and compromising is the BEST way of getting along with your partner. Make the vacation a memorable experience.
  • Discuss budget before you go on your vacation Discuss the agreement of the budget (Come up with how much money you’re willing to spend before the time). Being organized before hitting that vacation is a huge weight off your chest.
  • Let go a bit! – Make jokes, say yes to things you wouldn’t usually say yes to, try new things, be silly with each other and just have as much fun to make an amazing experience.



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