5 interesting facts/ travel fun

  1. Canada has the most lakes in the entire world! 60% of all the lakes in the world are found within its borders.
  2. India is the most diverse country in the world. They are diverse in almost every category, economically, climatically and much more.
  3. Ukraine is known as being the fastest disappearing nation in the world. They have a natural decrease in population each year, it is expected that Ukraine’s population decreases by 30% (between now and 2015).
  4. Suriname is almost covered entirely in jungle (90% percent of its land is covered in jungle) 5% of the population live inland and the rest live primarily along the coast near the Capital.
  5. Singapore is a large country with NO farms. Although there are a number of small nations in the world that show no hint of having an agriculture based economy, Singapore is the largest of these urban city-states.

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