Planning to travel to Spain? Spain definitely has something for each and every one! Including a fascinating art, music, beaches, mountains, history, sporting activities and OF COURSE AMAZING exotic food and wine.

Some highlights:

  • History


Spain, over its long history, has been part of the Roman, Greek and Muslim empires, and it has also been an empire itself. Exploring and learning about Spain’s history will get you really interested.

While visiting Spain you’ll realize today Spain is a democratic multicultural nation where you’ll find captivating architecture, art, food, wine and cultural activities.

  • Outdoor Vibe


Once you start walking along any street of any Spanish city, you’ll notice the large number of bars/ coffee shops where you can go for a glass of wine, a beer or a cup of lovely cofee.

Spaniards like going out after work and having a beer with their colleagues or catching up with their friends. Thursday, Fridays and weekends are the most famous days, but the outdoor atmosphere never stops.

  • Exotic beaches


Spain has 7880 km of shore and more than 3,000 beaches along its three coasts: The Mediterranean Sea, the Cantabric Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s always that perfect spot for everyone, families or surfers.


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