Musée du Louvre, a museum that no-one can resist visiting when they in Paris. This is known as being the world’s largest and most diverse museum. Filled with amazing artefacts, paintings and sculptures that have been amassed by subsequent French governments. Among them are works of art and artisanship from all over Europe and priceless selection of antiquities.

Home to Mona Lisa, (Leonardo da Vinci’s La Joconde) This entire section of the 1st floor of the Denon Wing, in fact, is hung with masterpieces – rooms 75 and 77 have enormous French paintings from Ingres, Delacroix (Liberty Leading the People) and Géricault (The Raft of the Medusa).

To name but a few of what Louvre has to offer is; Egypt – insights into ancient civilisations, mosaics and figurines from the Byzantine Empire (art Islamic collection), Chinese-born American architect IM Pei and much much more.

This is an exciting destination to go on an adventure while viewing the amazing artwork.


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