4 Incredible destinations for World Heritage Sites

Petra, Jordan – This is known as being a heritage site since 1985. Located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea (Nabataean caravan-city), this was important crossroads between Syria Phoenicia, Arabia and Egypt. Petra is half-built, half-carved into the rock, and is surrounded by mountains riddled with gorges and passages.

The Great Wall, China – This is known as being a heritage site since 1987. In c. 220 B.C., under Qin Shi Huang, areas of earlier reinforcement were joined together to form a united defence system against invasions from the north.

Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island – This is known as being a heritage site since 1995. The indigenous name of Easter Island is Rapa Nui, bears witness to an original cultural phenomenon. A society of Polynesian origin that settled there c. A.D. 300 settled a strong, imaginative and unique tradition of monumental sculpture and architecture, and had absolutely no external influence.

Grand Canyon, USA – Known as being a heritage site since 1979. Carved out by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is nearly 1,500 m deep and has the most breathe-taking gorge in the world. Situated in the state of Arizona, it cuts across the Grand Canyon National Park.

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