Cape Town: Semigration attraction in South Africa

Semigration simply means that individuals and/or families move to a different part of a country for a better lifestyle rather than emigrating, this is a developing trend in South Africa and Cape Town is the location these people semi grate to.

Jacques van Embden, MD of Blok, a Cape Town developer said, “I think that there are many reasons why people choose Cape Town. From a range of great urban schools to the natural beauty of the Cape and its climate, to the fact that the city is well run, means a great property investment, which becomes an attraction of its own.”

Pam Golding Properties’ records have found that up to 40% of buyers on the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl are from Gauteng with about 15% from Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The Cape Town lifestyle is a huge attraction, the reasons behind these percentages is a need to live the Cape Lifestyle, along with municipal efficiencies in comparison to other provinces.

Technology is making it possible for Semigration because of devices, WIFI, cloud computing and 3D coverage making location for a business less important.

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