Popular new restaurants and yummy dessert shop in Cape Town/ New experience #pleasureyourtastebuds

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Nov 8, 2016
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Nov 14, 2016

Popular new restaurants and yummy dessert shop in Cape Town/ New experience #pleasureyourtastebuds

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Newly renovated Topeka spur in Kenilworth Centre

Grand opening was held on the 02nd of November 2016! Hurry and take advantage of this newly renovated and upgraded Spur. There are so many perks as amazing play area with, double points earned on family cards for the month of November and loads of opening Specials on the menu!

The specs have been updated, competitions taking place and it is known as the largest halaal spur in Cape Town- with a few unique additions added on the menu for example- mouth-watering bubble tea (Exclusive to Topeka Spur Kenilworth Centre!)

Located: Kenilworth Centre, Cape Town

The Hungry Herbivore

Are you a Vegan – lover? Well then you should try out this new restaurant that opened its doors in September 2016 and is 100% plant-based food and snack manufacturer. They also offer a range of freshly squeezed juices and healthy super-food smoothies.

Located: 11 Orphan Street, Cape Town



House of H

Opened in August 2016 the House of H on loop street in Cape Town is bringing something a little different to the usual CBD landscape in the form of a self-service known as the “one-stop-shop”. This destination serves awesome tasting deluxe coffee java, wholesome and sustainable fare and drinks. House of H’s changes their menu with the availability and the seasons of goods. Guests can look forward to wholesome meaty dishes as well as a wide selection of freshly-made salads.

Burger & Lobster

This trendy restaurant opened in Cape town July 2016 and has loads to offer. The restaurant takes pride in purchasing nothing ready-made and instead focuses on serving a traditional homemade ingredient by cooking as many of its ingredients as they can in-house. Makes the food that much enjoyable.

Location: 105 Bree Street. Heritage Square, Cape Town

Crumbs & Cream

Nothing beats eating that yummy dessert sandwich while walking along the seaside in sea point. Choose from the variety of amazing baked biscuits they offer accompanied with their delicious ice cream to make a sandwich, as well as toppings to suite your cravings, (Like, fudge etc).

Location: Crumbs & Cream Shop: 16 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town http://globaltravelalliance.co.za

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