Global Travel Alliance SA: Travel advice for the festive season #ItsGoodToKnow #BeAhead

Global Travel Alliance SA

From November month until the middle of January, could be a time of serious leisure travel as families and friends get together for the vacation holidays. The subsequent vacation travel recommendation is particularly relevant given the present circumstances.

Confirm your trip

Because of the fast changes in security and in operation procedures, additionally as changes within the availability of flights, you must contact the airline a day before to verify your flight. Counting on the cause that you may be paid for changes in schedules or for overbooked flights.

Be way ahead and arrive early

Since September 11, going through the traveller screening stop has become abundantly slower. Throughout busy times, the wait at several major airports are often over an hour, therefore it is advised to arrive a minimum of 2 hours earlier, which could be a sensible plan.

Plan for travel with Kids

Planning ahead is that the best to travel with children easier. This is often very true with unaccompanied children. Different airlines have different rules and restrictions for unaccompanied Children. For example, some enable younger kids solely on nonstop flights, because only ticketed passengers are usually allowed past security, you may have to contact the airline ahead of time to get permission to escort a child to the gate. Some airlines might issue a “companion pass” that permits you to escort your unaccompanied kid.

Keep your identification and price ticket inside simple reach

You may be asked to indicate your price ticket and image identification many times, therefore keep them with you always.

Expect jammed aircraft, therefore pack correctly

Holiday travel typically means that aircraft will be more overloaded than usual. Also, don’t fully wrap any items in either carry-on or checked bags so they will be checked a lot of quicker by security screeners. You’ll be able to help by limiting the size and weight of your carry-on bags.

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