But the question is, why do travellers like to travel to Vietnam?

Vietnam ought to be the highest on everyone’s travel list. It’s just that straightforward. With its extraordinary history, crazy tasty food, striking landscapes and awesome vibe, Vietnam can electrify all your senses and catch you from all angles.

There are countless reasons why Vietnam is loved by most travellers! Like, a flight to capital of Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh City and travel down or up this wonderful country by train, plane, bus or the popular method which is riding a bike. Below is just a few highlights:

  • First off! It’s so cheap! If you wish to, then one dollar might obtain you a basic lunch or dinner. If you’re wandering around and you want to find a place to sit down and drink? Most of the time you do not have to be compelled to pay over one dollar for it. You work out the math in Rand and see how affordable that is!
  • It has loads to see: a thin country stretching for thousands of kilometre from North to South. It has stunning mountain with colourful hill tribes; it’s highlands with their everlasting rudimentary traditions; it’s beaches and plenty of these are seen as being the best in the world, does this not sound awesome, right?
  • It’s known as being safe and friendly. The bulk of individuals in Vietnam are farmers.

Some Individuals still see Vietnam as a “war” but it is no longer that, the history of the war is all gone now. Vietnam is open to all around the world to explore and find out how amazing it is to travel to Vietnam.

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