Dolomites: 3 awesome mountain lakes to travel to

Water, forests, soaring mountain peaks and lovely meadows, these landscapes can’t be found anywhere else in the world. During sunrise and sunset every lake has its own explicit colour as do the mountains that englobe them.

Travel: The Landro Lake

This is an idyllic lake placed in the Landro Valley in the Three Peaks Nature Park at a height of 1400 m. During the summer time, it is one of the warmest lakes and becomes an awesome spot for the adventurous swimmer.

Travel: The Smugglers Lake

The Lago Nero or Schwarzsee, lies tall in the mountains between Italy and Austria. Unlike the other lakes which can be reached by a motor vehicle, this lake can only be completed by a long and hard hike.

Travel: Antorno Lake

This is an ideal destination for photographers out there. There are plenty of rare plant species growing around this lake. The lake leads to the popular Three Peaks but please note in winter it is the last outpost reachable by car.



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