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My first impression of traveling

America as a whole

Hi all, let me tell you all a little bit about my travels, I’ve started travelling since the age of 35 and the first destination I travelled to was America.

America is amazingly huge! They say that South Africa is as big as the State of Texas so there are 52 States in America, so you can imagine how big that must be!!

My brother and I went to America and I was lucky as my sister worked for South African Airways so we got a 75% DISCOUNT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, the first place was Miami and then followed by Orlando, Disney land and Canada (My uncle has a cattle ranch there).

During our time in Orlando we went to Pleasure Island and here is where we made our own music video singing ‘Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby’ – remember that song? we made our personal DVD and that was fun, I really enjoyed this experience.

In New York City, traveling by bus from the one airport to the other airport we noticed a lot of shacks under the highway and it made me think of all the shacks on the N2 in Cape Town, it was a real eye opener to know that poverty is all around the world and not just in South Africa.


While we stayed in Canada we went to Edmonton Centre, which at that time was known as the biggest shopping centres in the world, it had about 800 shops inside one shopping centre. The shopping centre included an actual roller-coaster ride and what’s more interesting is that you can get inside an actual submarine and then go window shopping (looking at the shops while being inside the submarine) – this was a WOW factor.

They also had a hotel there where you can live out your wildest fantasy so for example if you always wanted to sleep at the back of a truck, they design that room with speed bumps inside and the whole bed will look like the back of the truck. All I can say is – it is absolutely dreamy.

Canada was amazing, because my uncle has a cattle ranch over there and we managed to see a lot of calves being born in these great big red barns that they had on the farm. The farm right next door my uncle’s property had wild mustangs which they use to sell. His farm is so big that it takes almost 2 days to ride around his farm with horses. I then found myself cantering along the fence and the horses next door heard the hooves and the whole pack of horses started riding alongside me, how amazing doesn’t that sound??

Thank you guys for reading!

I have had the opportunity to also go on 2 Caribbean Cruises… my experience of that will be posted Tuesday – 6th November 2016.

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