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Guatemala and Honduras

I have been so lucky to have been on 2 Caribbean Cruises. I’ve been to Guatemala and Honduras in South America, which was a 5-day cruise that we went on. We went to the Islands of Roatan and what amazing beaches! Although it is a 3rd world Island and Berlize which is a stunning island to go to as well. They took us on a bus tour from the actual boat In Berlize and there is where we went to see old Mayan Ruins. Maya Ruins of Belize consists of various art structures and temples with an old history behind it.

Awesome stay with an actual Thai Family:

The land of Smiles

My favourite place while travelling the world is Thailand. We stayed in Bangkok and from Bangkok we did a 3 day, two-night tour where we stayed with a Thai family on a river boat. The Thai family took us on excursions daily. We ate breakfast, lunch and supper with this family and got to know more about the local’s close-up. They usually eat scrambled eggs in the morning, have noodles for lunch or supper and they loved making different kinds of fruit shakes. We got to visit the Bridge of the River Kwai, which you’ve all probably heard about (Famous movie). The next day they took us to the most beautiful butterfly garden. This garden is known for having bat butterflies which are half a meter big. Sitting in the garden there is a net right above you and you can enjoy lovely Jasmine tea while the butterflies come and sit on you. We also went river rafting and then into a jungle and I rode on an elephant, which was cool. But the experience of being on the river boat was unbelievable! I remember sitting on the toilet and the floors are made of wood, so if you look between the wood you can see little fish swimming underneath you. So, you can basically take a hand line and throw it in the water and catch fish while on the loo! Haha!

After that adventure we stayed on an Island called Koh Samui, and while we were here we paid 60 baht a day to have a little hut on the beach because the water was calm and there weren’t heavy waves. The weather was always good here and the food was amazing! A lot of the food we ate here was straight out of the sea, so we ate a lot of local seafood dishes and lots of chillies. The whole Island feel was beautiful. The island of Koh Samui is about 53 km in circumference so we rented a little 4 by 4. What was amazing here is that if you want to buy gasoline for your car there are no petrol stations, you’ll just drive along the road and will see a cardboard box that says “GAS” on it, and you have to stop there and you work on the “trust system” so you pay 200 baht for them to put petrol into your car and you have to pray that you get that 200 baht worth of petrol as there is no way of checking it, this was interesting for me.

The sights and sounds are Bangkok are awesome, it lives up to its name “the city that never sleeps”. There are parties going on in Khao San Road and people party there 24/7.

I must say Thailand was a magnificent experience and the locals were friendly and helpful.

Facts about Thailand that all travellers should know:

  1. I learnt that all Thai men between the ages of 6 – 60 must give up 1 year of their lives to become a monk.
  2. At the end of the day the meals that are put at the shrines are given to the poor people at the gates of the Wat (Temple) so that food does not go for waste.
  3. Beggars in the streets of Thailand stand with their hands in prayer and a bowl for monies at their feet.
  4. Thai time is “on time” so don’t be late for the tours otherwise you will not get a refund.




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