2 Amazing developments taking place in our Mother City that should be noticed

I’m sure all capetonians know that we are categorized as a laid-back bunch? Well, we need to prove that these assumptions are wrong!  The Mother City has been undergoing a major face-lift and in this article I will point out the amazing changes taking place.


before and after

A Funky New Hotel

Who remembers the ‘Tulip Hotel” (Located on the corner of Strand and Bree Street)? Well, it was a very unattractive Hotel. The Tulip Hotel was demolished to the ground and we are all excited about that! Recent reports suggest that the new Hotel will rise to a 500 room Tsogo Sun Hotel Complex. The complex will have two sections; 200 room SunSquare Hotel and a 300 room Stay Easy Hotel.

This Hotel will include Shops, dining area’s, parking and conference facilities and much more.






Cruise Terminal

Cruise Liners entering the Mother City are at present just permitted to dock at the far off, rather ugly and profoundly mechanical looking E-and J-berths at Duncan Dock in the Port of Cape Town.

Be that as it may, Port Gateway Precinct plan, a fresh new design for the V&A Waterfront zone, guarantees the development a devoted journey terminal at the E-berth. The terminal is set to include arrival and departure facilities, and will allow much easier access to tourist attractions around the city.

The expansion of the terminal will boost cruise tourism to the city, which as of now conveys more than 10 000 guests to the region every year!


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