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Jun 24, 2013
South African Airlines - Global Travel Alliance SA

Airlines invest in business intelligence

This year 100% of the airlines surveyed plan to invest in business intelligence (BI) solutions, which allow them to know more about their customers and have […]
Jun 20, 2013
chocolate destinations - Global Travel Alliance SA

Top 5 Chocolate Destinations

The world has been infatuated by chocolate since around 1100 BC, when it was first concocted by the Mesoamericans. Here are the GTASA’s top 5 Chocolate Destinations […]
Jun 3, 2013
MSC cruises - Global travel alliance SA members

Global Travel Alliance SA members saving

MASSIVE SAVINGS- Only with Global Travel Alliance SA members At Global Travel Alliance SA we like to keep our member satisfied,smiling and always informed with events […]
May 29, 2013
Mauritius Beach - Global Travel Alliance South Africa

Beautiful Mauritius – Global Travel Alliance South Africa

Mauritius is a fascinating, world-in-one-island slice of paradise. Its very name conjures up images of tropical luxury and stupendous extravagance. While in many destinations famed for […]