Aug 17, 2016

Interesting facts about travel

Travelling is a great stress reliever. Travelling can improve your creativity. Travel is known to help with problem-solving. (especially I you’re travelling alone) The most visited […]
Aug 12, 2016

British Museum/ Points of interest

The British Museum is known as being one of the finest and largest in the entire world! This museum has over 6 million visitors each year. […]
Jul 15, 2016

5 Tips for couple travel

Discuss the trip beforehand with your partner– To avoid arguments when arriving at your destination, discuss plans that you guys have in mind and come to […]
Jun 21, 2016

Top 5 foods you must try out in Greece/ Give your taste buds an experience

Souvlaki (Skewer) This means anything grilled on a skewer (Chicken and lamb etc.). These are great for kids Kebab A kebab is an elongated piece of […]