Saved over 50% with GTA !

Going the extra mile
Mar 11, 2016
Everything was organized perfectly!
Mar 11, 2016

Saved over 50% with GTA !


My name is Nazla Kozonguizi from Namibia, Otjiwarongo. My husband and I joined Global Travel and Alliance South Africa in February 2015.

The presentation by the staff of this organisation was quite intriguing and one could not resist the packages made available for convenience and the benefits.

Two reasons why we joined as members was to enjoy the discounts given, the exceptional listing of hotels almost everywhere in the world. The other reason being that we were given a unique platform to market our Guest House and Bed And Breakfast Business, Nizzy’s B&B on an International platform.

What I liked about their approach is that subscription fees were not required instantly. The first payment was requested after two months which gives you ample time for proper planning and budgeting.

In the same light, I undertook a trip to Johannesburg in April and as mentioned before no money was paid, I had already started to enjoy the discounted rates of a hotel in the CBD area of Johannesburg.

The service was spontaneous from the travel agent and everything I was informed is what had transpired. I think we enjoyed more than 50% discount.

This was my response to Kirby the agent who assisted me:
Dear Kirby
I wish to appreciate your excellent service for arranging my accommodations too much perfection. I am so grateful for your time and effort. I am indeed enticed to continue to be a member! Everything went well plus we enjoyed free transportation to our event!
Thank you
Best Regards

The company is real they mean what they say and your expectations are either met or exceeded. Tip, when making a booking do not delay the demand is increasingly high. I commend this company, for a simple reason, the staff are professional they know exactly how to advise you and they are humble and deer people. Plus one major thing they support their client –  which I think is a very good gesture of loyalty. My desire is that despite their growth they will remain consistent.

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